Xperia Play comes with seven series games to test your abilities to the maximum. And this is only the beginning. Access to thousands of games in an endless list of games from the best publishers in the world, in addition to games for PlayStation. Discover the editors in Android Market. The first smart phone with PlayStation certification with specific gaming keys, left and right keys and keys with 4 symbols. Multi-touch screen 4-inch with 16 million colours game experience as on a console with a fabulous stereo sound. With Snapdragon technology, Cpu 1 GHz and the powerful graphics processor Adreno 205, optimized for a gaming experience advanced card micro Sd 8 Gb (included), expandable to 32 Gb since it is the first smart phone with PlayStation certification, manufacturers of games falls the baba by him. Very soon, we will have all the details of our large partners of games and the titles you will find preloaded on your phone Intelligent Xperia Play.

Do not forget to visit us for more information. Players will recognize the console icon keys. Developed and tested by the same team who created the controls of the Ps3. enjoy greater control, exact precision and the physical sensation of having a console in your hands. Use the 4-way buttons and keys Ab for a smart navigation, as well as game multi-key command. Original author and source of the article