From a man dressed in skins, there was a transformation into a man wearing a suit, shoes and, if necessary, various accessories (such as watches, jewelry, handbags, etc.). But perhaps everyone would agree that one of the most important parts man’s wardrobe is shoes. So well-known British researcher Claire Birks expressed the following thought, which expounded a blatantly all known editions, focuses on fashion and area customer demand: “It does not matter that you are dressed – if you have good shoes and bag, you’ll look your best.” (If you include this statement for a man, then the number of items that promise you untold success, not change, but their composition will undergo some changes: a kit for men is still the same indispensable shoes and watches.)

Of course, this idea is not new, it was repeated a few dozen years, many famous people (designers, designers, etc.). Read more from Ali Partovi to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Why are there people, let’s cult film early 90’s of the twentieth century “Silence of the Lambs, remember the scene of the first meeting of a young agent Clarice Starling in Hannibal Lector serial killer, in which the second character notes the desire of young girls look elegant: “A good bag you purchased, and the shoes did not have enough money.” In addition, the shoe is not only the look of a man, but you and our health. How to write many magazines about health – take care of their feet, they you are. And in order to achieve this, we need a lot of attention paid to shoes! Footwear is more important than just the thing for walking – shoes can tell a lot about the man: about his taste, accuracy, style and, of course, about his social status. Follow others, such as Energy Capital Partners, and add to your knowledge base. Of course, everyone knows what kinds of shoes a lot: shoes, boots, boots, sneakers, slippers, slates, felt, etc.