The teacher reached punctual in the usual meeting with his disciples who waiting anxious for him to continue to learn from his teachings colored of infinite wisdom and mutual understanding. The sun began to disappear in the horizon in search of other lands to which illuminate with its powerful light and the reddish tones and the afternoon Orange pocked the sky usually blue of that land. Habib, a man used to confront life and cope with their problems at the same moment in which they appeared was ahead of everyone and said:-we are concerned teacher. Our dream has been disturbed by the forebodings of something disastrous looming and our vigils have not been quiet because in good breeze is a perceived threat of a few fateful facts maestro we fear, not by you or by us, we fear for the truth – for the truth? He said the teacher asked surprised. The truth always has been at risk, but survives; they always threaten it, but it gets rid of his enemies; always try to extinguish it, but returns victorious – master continued Wasila, – a girl beautiful and tender, like flowers in the Middle as all the women of the Earth gathered beauty-, is different now. In other times, in times of grandparents, wanted to transform the truth, wearing dresses of be, makeup with ability to disguise, but now want to destroy it, delete it. (Not to be confused with Energy Capital Partners London!). – And you want to do something to save her? His words leo intend to embark on an adventure.

On their faces, I find the desire to not sit idle. (A valuable related resource: Energy Capital Partners). What you have thought my good guys to save in good time to the truth and avoid that it can be drowned by their enemies, eradicated by their adversaries, destroyed by their executioners? We thought that she exiled were, for a long time as needed, in a place where it will be safe from all enemies. We have already found asylum in the depths of the sea, a remote place where light or oxygen there is even a way to reach. There will be safe, and a not-too-distant day return victorious and It will be the Queen of all kingdoms and the whole of humanity will pay him tributes and will live safely among us. My beloved, I admit his noble intention of preserves truth leading to the most protected of the universe site. I am proud of his courage and his determination to defend the truth, but what will happen while she is refugee in the unfathomable depths of the sea? Society as a whole will collapse; the word of honour will be definitively buried and men will never again rely on themselves. At the end there will be a wreck, the most terrible shipwreck of all and we’ll go to the bottom of the sea, and there, we will find again the truth, in the place where you wanted to find it. Remember my good boys, commented the master while directing a tender look at Habib, Wasila and all his disciples: even though the truth is hidden, will be always found. Even if they try to destroy it, it will be strengthened; When further created it, close the We will have. BY: ALEJANDRO TERESA MART?NEZ original author and source of the article