‘ You have what to show? Then this… The winners are many impressive projects in the categories music, multimedia/animation, film, print/photography and journalism is the Meduc award 2013 to end. Here, there might be no topic constraints, so that the participants of the awards can give free rein to their ideas and to implement the wide range of content. Simon Hofmann, media student from Stuttgart were the winner among others, with his video post Simon TV”and Tim Hartelt, students from Marl, with his report, Syria, between despair and hope”. The concern of the non-profit media is Academy e. V., which every year in cooperation with the prominent judges and numerous sponsors realized the Meduc award, to recognise ideas, to promote young talents and to offer them a platform for contacts and networks. All projects and photos of winners, visit. “The winners 2013: print category: 1st place: Marcel Berg from Neustadt an der Weinstrasse with Atom model Graphicnovel” category “” “” “Journalism: 1st place: Lina Kokaly from Bremen with culture of excuse” 2nd: Niklas Kolell from Eichstatt with the sound competition of the Bavarian blog “student Kat.: Tim Hartelt from marl with Syria between despair and hope” category music: student Kat.: class 9 of free evangelical school from Stuttgart with finally summer holiday “category multimedia: 1st place: Olivia Hufnagel from Wurzburg to promotion of reading strategies with the iPad” 2nd”” “: Gianna rich from Karlsruhe with spirit economy humanists in the economy” category film: 1st: Simon Hofmann from Nurtingen with Simon TV “2nd place: project group of the Fachhochschule fur Sozialpadagogik Lensahn with system error” student Kat.: Legofilm AG of the castle high school in Kaiserslautern with snow white 2,013 “our panel of 2013: Claus iDEN photographer and photo designer Peter James Leiter of pop Office Stuttgart Dieter Krauss MfG media management and film society mbH Baden-Wurttemberg Nadime Romdhane Music Editor, Prof. Dr. Tamara Huhle bigFM Chair Visual Communication / / Director, AMAK AG Peter Waibel Managing Director and partner of the advertising agency Jung von Matt/Neckar Prof. Jorn Precht and screenwriter Oliver Frederik Hahr Director of consulting and Public Relations Daniel Schmidt editor of RTL of midday journal point 12 “our partners: Dosch Design, Autodesk, media TV production, Yves Rocher, Reclam, Jung v Matt am Neckar GmbH, Bavaria, oha communication, o, MFG Filmforderung Baden-Wurttemberg, Maxon, bigFM, pop Office Stuttgart region, Filmburo Baden-Wurttemberg, CyberLink, Cornelsen school books and cult pieces.