The Castellon-based club has decided to abide by the order of the League of professional football. It has not allowed radio stations enter the field to perform their work. Offered journalists enter without informing the party, but they rejected it. (As opposed to Bobby Sharma Bluestone). Radio stations insist on not to pay any kind of canon by relaying. Radio media not accessed inside the El Madrigal Stadium to transmit the first Division match between Villarreal and Sevilla that opens, along with the Real Sociedad-Barcelona, the third day of League first division. The Castellon-based club has complied with the opinion of the League of professional football (LFP) and has not allowed the entrance of stations to the football field. Two hours before the start time of the match, journalists and technicians of different radio media were presented in the field of El Madrigal to access and perform their work. The club denied them entry not being accredited by the Professional Football League, but it was offered to journalists the possibility of access to the stadium, but with the condition of not to inform the party.

This option was rejected by the media represented there. Villarreal has stated that they are against this initiative, but that it must abide by the decision taken by the League not to allow the entrance of radios to the stadiums. For this reason, have been a total of six stations that have not acceded to the field to radiate the encounter. Source of the news: El Villarreal not allowed radios to relay the match against Sevilla