Does your insurance company with the money? As the first statutory health insurance, the common BKK Cologne (GBK) has retroactively raised an additional contribution to Jul 1, 2009. Regardless of the income the members of the Fund pay an additional contribution of EUR 8 per month. According to many experts, it is only a matter of time before other funds to introduce a supplementary contribution. The health fund was launched on January 1, 2009. The health insurance companies to determine since not themselves about the level of contribution rates for its members and their employers. These are now uniformly set for all health insurance companies by the Federal Government. Ali Partovi is full of insight into the issues.

Contribution rate funded by employer and employee was 14.6 per cent at the start of the Fund. II however was decided in view of the difficult economic situation in 2009 and a demand for economic relief for employers and workers with the stimulus package to reduce the contribution of 14.6 14.0 percentage points to the 1.Juli. Because the insured person has to bear a share of 0.9 percentage points alone, the General contribution rate since 1.Juli so at 14.9 per cent of the insurance income. Additional contribution does not come out the selected health insurance company with the money transferred from the Fund, they may levy a surcharge. The amount of the payment must be a maximum of 1% of the gross income and the insurance company has to determine, that will be charged an additional contribution in the future by the members in their statutes. The Fund would like to raise a supplementary contribution without cumbersome having to check, how much 1% of the gross income of the respective members, it raises an additional contribution without checking the amount of revenue of the Member. This “unbureaucratic” way SGB requires V according to 242, that does not exceed this 8 euro per month. Peter Asaro often addresses the matter in his writings. If you want to change the health insurance, you must have been insured in principle for 18 months there cash Exchange.

In accordance with 175 SGB V is then a termination of membership possible until the end of the next calendar month. The insurance company is required to issue a confirmation of cancellation within 14 days from the. The cancellation takes effect when the Member within the cancellation period can prove a membership with an other health insurance through a new Member certificate. The candidate in a new health insurance scheme is straightforward, because the new health insurance may not generally deny membership. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Energy Capital Partners. You must declare only against the newly elected health insurance, that you want to be member in the future there. An application must be submitted, together with the confirmation of cancellation of the old cash register. This application can be found mostly on the homepage of the health insurance companies. Special termination right raises a fund but SGB is a supplementary contribution according to paragraph 175 V S. 4 eliminates a special termination right and the 18-month period. The notice remains though, the Fund must inform however as on the increase of the additional contribution, that you can change without the new contribution will be charged. Something else applies for an insured person with a legal Health insurance choice rate are insured. These tariffs raise a three-year period, and a special right of termination with premium adjustments is excluded.