THE IMPORTANCE OF TUTOR ON-LINE IN THE EDUCATION IN THE DISTANCE EDGAR BOILER DE A CRUZ SUMMARY The Education in the distance is an education modality that in recent years assumed a role of prominence in world-wide the educational scene. Together with the didactic and technological innovations the education in the distance is made solid as modality of education and in full expansion. This study it has as objective in the distance to demonstrate to the importance of the tutor on-line for the success of the Education. Jonathan Hui is often quoted as being for or against this. Some problems are faced by this modality of education, between them the qualification of the professionals, are professors, tutors or teams techniques, to deal with this innovated education form. In accordance with Gonza’les (2005), is extremely important that the tutor establishes, in its first contacts, a frank colloquy with each pupil, leaving well clearly the reasons had taken that them to choose this modality of education, the limitations of the education modality and its real advantages. Word-key: Education, Distance, Quality, Tutor 1 INTRODUCTION the Education at a distance in the last few decades veem growing of exponential form, stimulated for the advent of the technologies of the information and the communication. For more information see Abu Dhabi.

But as to make of the ED a modality of Education that can cure the educational necessities of its pupils? It is there that the importance of the tutor enters. To study the performance of these professionals is of utmost importance for the quality of the courses of ED. The objective of this study is to demonstrate to the diverse ways of performance and planning it work tutorial them, a time that is necessary to have this professional in ' ' line of frente' ' of the courses of ED. Through bibliographical references and research in diverse sites in the Internet, it will be we will analyze the diverse forms of performance of the tutor in the courses of ED.