Specialists advertising online agency 'Voleks' (St. Petersburg) attended the first meeting after the summer holidays the Club Advertisers St. Petersburg on such topical themes as "The Internet as a tool PR-solving tasks. The effectiveness of participation in blogs, forums and social networks "and" Intellectual Property. Rules of the Game: What's new? ". The meeting was held on September 28, 2010 at the Association of Banks of the Northwest. Opened the meeting PR-director of advertising online agency "Voleks" Natalia Buyarov. In the first part of his speech, she told about the features of Internet-PR and how it can impact on an audience of consumers.

During his speech, Natalia Buyarov revealed the basic tools of PR and online versions of their use: 1. Interaction on the forums 1.1. Sponsorship Category 1.2. On-line consultations 2. Blogging 2.1. Corporate Blog 2.2. Blog Expert 2.3.

Stocks for bloggers 2.4. Announcement activities in the Communities of 2.5. Creating a thematic community so the meeting learned about the mechanisms of the category for a thematic portal, corporate design features branches discuss how way by sponsorship, and what advantages it gives the advertiser. On-line consultations, according to the speaker, can be an effective way of getting feedback. In contrast to a single location information characteristic of the traditional media channels, communication forums suggests rapid communication between the representative and an interested audience. During the opening theme of the report also covered various Aspects of monitoring forums and blogs. In the second part of his speech highlighted the theme of Natalia Buyarov blogging, in particular the creation of blogs on public blogohstingah, thematic online resources, as well as in corporate website. Were considered the advantages and disadvantages of a corporate blog on LiveJournal, and on the website Banki.ru on the corporate website. In view of the relevance and extent of the theme of peculiarities in social networks, it was decided to consider separately the next meeting. Participants in the October meeting of the Club will hear an interesting story to move in such popular social networks such as: Vkontakte.ru, Odnoklassniki.ru and others continued the meeting head of law firm "Uskov and Partners' Vadim Uskov. Since most of the audience were representatives of banks, the report highlights issues of copyright relevant to your area. For example, given that bank "East Express" protected name contributions "Christmas", "New" and "Holiday," these words in the titles of contributions can now be used only as an oxymoron, for example, "Christmas summer." In Vadim Uskov his speech spoke about the risks of the companies who bought the logo and design of various promotional materials. He paid special attention contracts with advertising agencies (RA). As noted speaker, there are situations in which the company can be held hostage to the customer, "stocks" of Advertising Agencies. To protect yourself advertiser may take such measures of protection, such as: Requiring the copies of contracts with RA performers; Documented evidence of the independent Republic of Armenia in the settlement of claims should they arise; provision in the contract of authors' names and numbers and dates of delivery of the project to the bank. According to the speaker, in agreement should also prescribe the sanctions imposed on the Executive in the event of a breach of any provision of the contract. Press Service of the RIA 'Voleks'