He is big, but the best, no nibbles, no whining, no begging on the street, and not at all worried, but always with you! Then it turns out that the best 'four-legged friend' is an – sofa But the choice of the sofa, and in the subsequent acquisition, will pleasure and comfort, and may cause a completely disregard. To this did not happen, today we talk a bit about how to choose a sofa. Energy Capital Partners London is the source for more interesting facts. Upholstered furniture is an integral part of almost every room of our house into the living room good fit a sofa, a child might put a couch or ottoman baby, well, the kitchen would be useful kitchenette (soft). Therefore, seriously consider choosing soft furnishings, and given the design of your apartment, and the overwhelming choices that offer factory-manufacturers. First, decide on the coloring of the upholstery (as determined by taste and interior of your apartment).

Sofa may not only be in one color, as well as possible to book upholstered furniture of two or three shades. Variety of fabrics: Alcala, Portland, kosharel, tapestry, flock, leather (substitutes), and many others. Further attention should be paid to the skeleton and internal content. Material for the frame use of natural wood, or metalokarkas. These frames are durable in structure, high quality, but at a price more expensive than in combination with plywood or particleboard.

Next to that one should pay attention to the inner Content may be composed of porollona, or batting as well as content from springs or penopoliuretana'PPU '. Considered the best spring and the rtd (orthopedic specialist advice). By the way the more the springs, the couch is more expensive. Sofas porollonom, it is cheaper in price but quickly loses its shape, wear with such sofas fast (about two or three years). In the end, should consider the mechanisms of transformation. We presume what will provide the sofa, for everyday use, or as a holiday option. The best breakout are considered: a mechanism for 'book' – make sidushku in half and drop back, the mechanism of 'clamshell' – sleeping under seat, and understands unfolding in the sleeper; version of 'roll-out' – the front part extends itself, and the remaining space is filled with pillows. (More details on the mechanisms of transformation, can find in article 'on the mechanisms of transformation') Finally, we want to say, when buying a sofa, try to sit on it, and even lie down if you purchase a folding sofa, try to push the couch (because you have to do this ceremony for more than a thousand times). We wish you an excellent purchase!