Avocados contain glutathione, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants around and prevent cell damage in all skin types. They are also high in potassium. Drink as much water as possible, this flushes out toxins and helps to hydrate the skin. If you can not drink eight glasses a day – I can not unless your 40, or – just drink as much as you can without feeling uncomfortable. Skin needs sufficient protein to replace and repair itself. Most of us have a lot of protein in our diet, but much of it comes with a lot of fat attached.

If you can substitute low fat for example, milk, peanut butter, cheese, etc, then do it. You will still be eating the same amount. Lean meat is good, fish is even better because it contains natural omega 3 oils that are excellent for your skin and your health. Try to add as many fruits and vegetables as possible to your diet. If you are a committed junk food "addict" This may seem impossible, but if you deal in small bites (pun!) That is going to be easy. Commit yourself to healthy foods on certain days of the week or drink water instead of soda in the afternoon. When this becomes comfortable, expand it to every day. Only hours old habits and replacing them with new ones.

After a while you will feel comfortable with it. And you will feel better and lose weight too. Purists say that all the vitamins and minerals can be obtained from food and no need to take supplements. In theory this is true, however the stress of life today probably robs our system of vitamin B. Smoking consumes about 35 mg of vitamin C per day. Added to this, the practice of storing for fresh produce vast amounts of time, can not help but deplete the natural vitamins in these foods. ure of the situation. The pollution in our cities and some of our bad habits like eating junk and smoking (which I?) Leads to the production of free radicals in the body. For this we need an antioxidant which contains among others beta carotene (a precursor of vitamin A), vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, lycopene (found in tomatoes) and zinc. Healthy skin loves exercise! No matter what type. Walking, jogging, all types of sports, aerobics, banging around in the gym, enjoy all that trying to fit in three times a week. If you do not enjoy any exercise, find one! asses a group of people or find a walking partner, you get to enjoy it I promise! Stress is bad for you and bad for the skin. The stress will reduce the flow of blood to the skin causing a shortage of oxygen to the cells. Also deplete certain nutrients body – for example vitamin B. It can ruin your sleep thus preventing the repair and regeneration of skin cells. Will worry lines on your face and make you look old before your time! Who needs it? added! this page on stress to see how you can deal with this incapacitating disorder now! As you may have gathered from all this, healthy skin is the same as having a healthy body, it's worth maintaining a good diet and lifestyle so you not only look great but feel great too ! I would look better? Skin will give detailed information on all aspects of skin care. The author, Wendy Owen has had a lifelong interest in general and alternative health and skin care.