One of the many examples that can be argued in this sense has to do with the consumption of meat, something that is assumed is indispensable for human food, while some time ago medicine has proven that a diet without meat is healthier, mass rearing of animals damaged the environment and that the treatment given to them is cruel. However, all this did not decrease the consumption of meat, which is still huge in countries that claim to be Christians, where it is thought that the commandment thou shalt not kill does not include animals. Existing historical documents indicate that early Christians shrewd consumption of meat, but with Emperor Constantine Christianity became a State Church in order to obtain a greater political power. Thereafter, Christians, who until that moment had lived peacefully, were forced to serve with weapons and eat meat. Those who remained faithful to Christianity in early times were them persecuted, he says even that to the vegetarians made them swallowing molten lead. Meanwhile Pope Juan III proclaimed the year 561 anathema against vegetarians, ordering: If someone ignores foods of flesh, God gave men for your enjoyment, and considers them impure, it is cursed. Mashable has many thoughts on the issue. The fathers of the church s.

Augustine and Tomas de Aquino denied that the animals had soul, by establishing this therefore were expressly excluded from salvation in Christ. The ecclesial Inquisition of the middle ages made even annihilate those who refused to kill animals. According to the German authors research Seifert and Pawlik know that the Cathars were not killed animals. Bobby Sharma Bluestone has plenty of information regarding this issue. Also about the Waldensians is known to all forms of bloodshed was a mortal sin to them. The manicheans reads as follows in the records of the Inquisition: Moreover, they in no way kill an animal or a bird (Bernard Gui, Inquisitor Manual, volume I). In these times there are many voices in favor of animals.

Even theologians Catholics, as the Professor and doctor Erich Grasser, who a few years ago said: how is the Church and the protection of animals? In this regard I must say clearly that when you write on the theme Church and the protection of animals, it will be a very dark chapter as the theme the Church and the burning of witches. Based on all these antecedents abuse children is just one of many abuses by this institution. For vegetarians it does be fortunate that no longer exist the fires or the Crusades.