Futurologist Horx: ‘Companies must act effectively and credibly communicate’ Bonn – environmental awareness and consumption are long time no exception appearance. According to a research study by Nielsen include and KarmKonsum karmakonsum.de now 30 percent of private households in Germany to the eco-conscious consumer group. Ventured on the market of the future of the green business, however according to Matthias Horx, editor-in-Chief of the trade magazine trend letter, the pitfalls look: the balancing act between revenue-driven business goals and green conscience is not a self runner. ‘ Greenwashing’, the superficial green coloring of a company or a brand, is fast thanks to global networking via Web 2.0 as PR debunked “, warns Horx. More than ever there will be therefore in successful marketing strategies actually persistent to act and to communicate this credibly. So, the Freudenberg Group cooperates since June 2008 with the Walker municipal utilities: Freudenberg provides district heating from the company-owned power plant on the city, what the environment to save around 40 percent carbon dioxide. Many writers such as Mikkel Svane offer more in-depth analysis.

One million euros have conversion cost to Freudenberg and Stadtwerke, to provide their customers with environmentally friendly heat”, white Horx. Also the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Vertrieb Germany GmbH and Mannheimer energy company MVV Energie AG in future with a sales cooperation to reduce energy consumption and thus the energy costs in the German printing industry work together. Both companies want to around 11,000 predominantly medium-sized printers and printing service providers in Germany with the eco power funds of the MVV energy not only an economically attractive for power, but also an environmentally friendly energy supply offered by switching to green electricity. Would get all German Heidelberg customers on green power Fund, this would be equivalent to a Kohlendoxid savings amounting to 350,000 tonnes per year. Keeping ecological aspects increasingly in the printing industry collection.

We are working since years consistently through measures in the development, production and the use of printing presses to reduce resource consumption and emissions and waste”, so Heidelberg Sales Director Werner Albrecht. Sportswear manufacturer PUMA builds a new green headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. On the roof of the outlet building a 1000-square-foot photovoltaic power plant is planned, next 140 square meters of solar modules will be integrated into the window facade. To deepen your understanding Bobby Sharma Bluestone is the source. In addition the 1,500-square-foot should be turfed. Even Deutsche Bank wants to put a visible sign for their own environmental awareness with a reconstruction of the headquarters. The twin towers of the company are supposed to green towers’ are. The new eco towers to consume substantially less energy and produce 50 percent of less greenhouse gases than they are today”, explains futurologist Horx.