Arovana or fish – the dragon (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum) Arovana or fish-dragon (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum) received such a nickname because of her large mirror scales, which makes her look like a mythical character – the Dragon. And in fact Arovana an ancestor long ago extinct in our world – dragons dinosaurs. Arovana, or as it sometimes is not quite right call Arawana, attracted attention primarily for their unusual appearance, created not only an attractive bright colored fish, but its unique body shape. The world believed that Arovana brings prosperity and wealth, success in business, with its placement in monetary corner of your shop or office. In the Far East Arovana (Arawana) is one of the symbols Feng Shui, she is made of various materials and serves as a powerful talisman, which attract the house wealth and power. Arovana not a cheap fish, get it in your collection can only wealthy people.

Often Elite Arovany sold for huge money, however, in the hope of future profits, which must necessarily bring Arovana the house, for it often have spared no money. In nature, there are many kinds of Arovan. Arovana, per se – freshwater tropical fish, living in the calm waters of rivers and lakes. In length it reaches 60 to 120 cm, depending on the species. Despite the impressive size, these fish like to jump out of the water over long distances (up to 3 meters) so before you buy, make sure that the size of the aquarium meet Arovane (start with 400l), and the aquarium should be kept tightly closed lid.

Arovanu (satisfy participants) are best kept in the aquarium one species as the fish-dragon is very aggressive towards other fish. Red and gold arovany are an endangered species and, therefore, prohibited their export from the country, making them expensive relative to other types of Arovan. Most common and popular are serebryanyya Arovany: long fish with silvery scales, which are easily distinguished with the naked eye. Mouth in this species Arovan to the form of a ladle, and when it opened, divided into three parts. The aquarium Silver Arovana can reach up to 100 cm in length. Range: South America (Amazon basin), Australia and Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, etc.) Keep in Alushta aquarium:: Water: the rigidity of 5-13 , pH 6, 0, temperature of 24-30 C. Better kept separate, or large fish – parrot, somami, Astronotus, scalars. The aquarium should be quite large, closed tight lid. Need a good filtration and aeration tank, and and the constant change of water. The ration may include live fish, small lizards, insects.