" Another important feature of the Russian market of imported excavators dictated by the foreign exchange ratio between the dollar and euro. Because of the strong euro value of machinery, denominated in that currency, is unreasonably high, resulting in sales of European manufacturers in Russia markedly reduced, while the share of American and Japanese cars on the market is growing. Foreign companies are successfully implementing the expansion to new markets. On the Russian market of excavators produced in Japan, the most frequent model Hitachi. They compare favorably with those of low cost, and additional reserve to reduce the cost of the excavator is ready to work in cold climates.

The main rival Japanese companies favor the American company Caterpillar. However, as applied to hydraulic excavators that firm should also consider the Japanese: a design center for all Caterpillar excavator is located in the Japanese city of Akashi. Caterpillar has a joint venture with , which in World War ii was engaged in hydraulics for submarines, and after the defeat of Japan has used its technology for peaceful purposes, has developed a hydraulic crawler excavators for road construction. The plant in Akash supplies components for a number of assembly plants Caterpillar worldwide, particularly in Belgium. Until the summer of 2004 in Russia to supply excavators Belgian, but then switched to Caterpillar supplies from Japan. According to Representatives of the Belgian excavators, intended mainly for the European market, had a high comfort standard, that along with the location of Belgium in the euro area led to increase their value.