Gradually, the group at least in our area became stronger and much cheering, was born a real friendship as intended under the name of pastoral "Christian friendship, a friendship that came from God, because God wanted it. My wife Adriana came to work one time with Fermina in her sewing shop, and we became good friends, almost become like a family. With Juan Portilla and his wife Carmen also true, so much that they asked my wife to be godmother to his daughter's confirmation Charo, and from that moment we become spiritual compadres. Begin to practice constructive criticism is healthy to the extent that we have solid scripts for our discrepancy. The theological training he was receiving at the time made me get into that kind of constructive criticism. He needed to want to change what was observed in the group of Christian friendship.

I thought (and do not know if this date remains the same), that the methodology was wrong. I thought he was missing the opportunity to further with the people involved in this group, are more important and profound of the doctrine of our Catholic Church. The team leader told me that people were not prepared to enter into these issues. Prejudicing the ability of reasoning of the people seemed a little pulled by the hair, nothing could change and I think that so far things remain the same. One thing that took me away from this group was below what I will tell you very briefly.