Back in 2003, our state wanted to do something pleznoe for people and come up with osago. Now anyone who has no policy osago, byshlyaet policeman or goes to pay the bill. But not only disadvantages in this. Now, getting to accident, do not shake, that you now bend or even crash – the insurance company paid the victim, but only if you missed the 160 thousand rubles. Bob need to know someone – all in a row is not worth it. Value of the policy osago is based on engine capacity, age and experience of drivers admitted to management, color cars and bombs if the owner of Moscow with checkered roof. Buy policy osago possible anywhere, even in the subway, although it is rarity. Buy osago required everyone to not put off each time by a fine of 700 rubles. And it must be done before registering tachily in gai – and even on the account will not put, they are eager to see whether. The cost of insurance policies at all the same, so that do not be greedy – buy the policies from brokers, so that people could also make money. Police is no different from those you can buy an insurance company. Just out of turn and at a convenient time. The broker will come to sell the policy, go further, satisfied that all is well.