"A prophecy fulfilled prophecy is a failed", Michael de Nostradamus is increasingly common to hear that the "end times" will come in 2012, based not only on the prophecies of various esoteric and spiritual currents, but also in some scientific projections on climate change. For even more details, read what Sam Bloomberg says on the issue. It is certainly a special year because it is a leap and a total eclipse, an alignment of the center of the galaxy with Ecuador sky, the autumn equinox and the winter solstice, an event that only happens every 13,000 years. It is logical, therefore, that many feel uneasy about the countdown to 2012, when we mark a change of 180 degrees for humanity. But it is this transformation? Will it continue to exist on Earth as we know it? Can we survive? According to Mayan prophecy, that even the Vatican has accepted as true, the December 22, 2012 we will not be the same, because our destiny seems bound to evolved to become beings with various mental powers. Esoteric scientific and religiously 2012 is a year of great spiritual changes (many call it apocalypse) while others take the accuracy of the Maya as something supernatural happens, forever changing the world order. Alina de Almeida may also support this cause. These ideas are very theory that the Maya returned from their trip star (for his disappearance remained unsolved), and says several algorithms that decoded in the Bible indicate that a meteor will collide with the Earth for that year. More Mayans prophesied that from 1999 we would have 13 years to decide our fate as a society, before it was too late and we subject them to self-destruction.

So the Mayans predicted the Apocalypse or a new era in 2012? It is necessary to interpret the thinking and talking about the ancient Mayan priests to understand the concept of the end of time does not mean destruction, but refers to a change in how we perceive ourselves and the world. It should also be noted that their predictions are no guidelines for preventing negative events, as there are laws to comply inexorably. So the present generation we are really privileged, because we experience the spiritual awakening while watching the political, social and cultural consistent. We are excited to be witnesses and participants of such changes, knowing that something major will happen in the universe and will be alive to witness it. It is exciting to know that the Maya were so advanced and so accurate too. Evidently, according to the Mayan prophecies and other existing in relation to the "end times", is troubling times ahead and terrifying moments. However, if we bond in a fraternal, accepting the wisdom of the ancestors, we will take the next step toward an era of love and light.