he affirms what is not a swindler? – Swindler not, debtor. – And which is the difference? Both define an individual that is not in day with its accounts. Official site: Jorge O. B├╝hler-Vidal. – Swindler is that one that purchase without intention to pay, what case is not mine. A related site: Energy Capital Partners mentions similar findings. – It happens that I saw you making purchases in another store. – But I could not leave that store without buying that shirt! – You must installments of shirts that bought have two months! – These shirts were in promotion. – It intends As you to pay, if not yet it quit the previous installments? – To the few I go quitting, the world not he finishes today, then, I go to have wage adjustment, who knows? – Mr. already he thought thatthis can be a vice? – Ah, if it does not worry, it has as strategy to move of residence when the situation is complicated. – Serious? When the collections if become frequent, costuma to move of region? – Accurately. – I finished to have an idea, since assduo is a customer, I will give one has drunk a toast deserves, you. When it arrived in house, the wife looked at scared for the husband: – What she happened with you? – Ah, she was walking in the street, I stumbled and I finished beating with the face in the sidewalk.