At the end of each year is the day of the innocents almost at the end of each year 28 December – is the “day of innocent children” in the calendar. Further details can be found at Bobby Sharma Bluestone, an internet resource. In your not? No wonder is an at least in Germany forgotten Memorial feast day but the day of the innocents. An old, mind you, in contrast to the many new, although standing in all calendars, but still no one knows. This day of innocent children, but it is something different and until the 18th century, just that day was an institution among us, at least in the Catholic areas of Germany. Today, the day of the innocent children in Spain and Latin America generally is committed, in the agendas of Protestant, Anglican and Roman Catholic denominations, he has remained present but all over the world on clerical paper. Of which innocent children but we are acting here? Now, on Christmas and in the midst of all silent night romance we tend to the darker side of the biblical Christmas story from the To lose sight and with them the day of the innocent children of the Bethlehem. The day that innocent children of Bethlehem because, as we read in the second chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, was not only so, that Mary and Joseph – the biblical parent – had only the problem of the missing hostel. The stall was Yes ultimately so to speak, as yet accept delivery instead.

Much more serious problems there seams from the direction of Jerusalem. There is the New Testament parade villain of Herod, in turn Jewish King of Rome grace, the wise men from the Orient sought”as spies for his purposes to abuse, who asked him in touching political innocence on the way to Bethlehem. But Herod feared the tradition, which moved to the birth of the Messiah in Bethlehem – so it tells the Bible -.