By: Marisol Franco / Tribuamericas in Latin American countries people reads little or nothing. The news are generally considered a necessary evil, and many believe to be informed when they are in front of the TV being bombarded by the news of the night where economics, finance, business and technology sections are a simple fill or supplement the informal information that always is garnished with some comment allegedly critical so that the public will not think (about all that!) or at least suspected that television stations in the region increasingly resemble more to the of China or North Korea. Many times I’ve heard corporate media giants executives say in coffee talk that want no news because they already have too many complications in labour and his family to still have to endure the depressing story of what is happening in the world. However, while the average Executive turns on the television to watch your favourite programme of action, the shareholders of the company for which they work the Executive and all other employees are at your service to an entire army of monitors that make tracking of all relevant information that can guide them to the next morning decide whether they buy or sell more shares, many media executives suspended or will hire and in what areas, or if it is convenient to renew the computer equipment before year’s end or be expected to lower the price of oil. If emprendedores latinos did, on the corresponding scale, the monitoring information that can influence the success or failure of your business projects, financial plans failed perhaps losses would be reduced by 80 per cent and if employers had systematic access to information of their sector, at the global level, improve their performance and they would avoid the carnage of their businesses. The era of the information technologies is glorious for all those entrepreneurs and proactive entrepreneurs who are willing to conquer success in any scenario political, economic or social, without investing millions of dollars figures and nourishing of global business trends. But it is also looming as a prophecy that those who do not come in time to the dynamics of the web, increasingly more specialized, will stay out of the game and will have to wait the next revolution of the means of production and economic. <> 2009 TribuDelectus American, Inc. partial or total reproduction is allowed.