In the traditional industry choose the best prospects that can make the work is vital for every company. In the internet industry, the same applies to have a successful organization. Identify the personality of each prospect to determine treatment that everyone must dispense in the process of interviewing and training. It is important to you have a knowledge of the most relevant features and grouped into these categories. In Dominican Republic a major telephone company relate the personalities with images of animals, I am borrowing this idea but with different animals. These features can identify them on your prospects through the type of clothes that use, truck handling, the profession they have, how they walk, how they speak, that kind of music heard or your reading preference.

Compare the figures with animals and birds could be a fun and easy way to identify your prospects and attract them to your organization. The dolphin. They love to draw attention. They are spontaneous and passionate. They love to socialize and make friends easily know. They are enthusiastic and extroverts, love to talk and be central part of the show. It is the kind of people that we always invite you to our holiday and know what is happening in the middle. It’s fun to be with them.

They are ideal to enter the Network Marketing. His enthusiasm is contagious and they easily attract customers and prospects. The way to attract these dolphins within your team is showing part of the glamour and avoid details. They will be more interested in travel, awards that the same compensation plan. The dog. The desire to add value to the community moves this prospectus. They appreciate being valued. They are friends with whom you can tell. They usually have jobs that are focused on helping others. They tend to know listen, make and receive gifts like them.