Listen to them with affection, you Struts them a great impression and it is very likely that you learn a lot of things. 2. The law of the Patience: do not force situations. Gives every thing its time. While you’re at a meeting to promote professional contacts, do not think that logic that lies behind these relationships is very different from that which you can find in personal relationships. Try to identify what I call coupling.

This is the moment in which, in a natural way, the conversation goes from having a formal and distant character to turn into something more personal and next. Coupling occurs when we identify an area of common interest with our partner and take advantage of this discovery to share our enthusiasm with him. It is from this moment when you can start to develop a deeper relationship. Takes the opportunity to know what concerns you have (without meddling you beyond where it is reasonable) and discusses how you can help. If for the reason that you have not reached the level of coupling of which you speak, nothing happens. Don’t why reach the same level of chemistry with all the world. In fact, you won’t. Swap cards if you’ve come to that point in the relationship, kindly say goodbye and seeks a new contact.

3 Law of correspondence: this is a wonderful law that produces authentic miracles. If, finally, you’ve connected with certain people in this type of meetings and you have discovered any of their needs, do everything possible to help them. If you succeed, will begin to act the law of correspondence that says something like: one that supports selflessly will psychologically be in debt with you and will not stop until he can return the favor received more than. Sounds good. Do not you think? No I can assure you that you happen you in 100% of cases (there are always weird people), but rest assured that virtually all those with whom you relationships and act in this way, feel this kind of obligation and will more than compensate for your efforts. In any case, the paradox of this law is to make it work really you have to do things without expect nothing in return, and how much less expect more you will get. 4 Law of naturalness: acting naturally. Not try to be who you are not. But sometimes it takes longer than it should, the life ends always Unmasking the impostors. Your naturalness will act as a very powerful process of natural selection. You closer to those who feel naturally attracted by your way of being and kept the margin to those who do not share anything with you. In this way, you ensure potentially lasting relationships. This type of relationships are the most fruitful. Isn’t that what you want? On the other hand, artificial relations have complicated equilibria and usually end up breaking with relative ease. Put all of your part, tries to be as proactive as you can, but not swim upstream. It is difficult to appeal to everyone or try around the world like you. In addition, I do not know if it is fun. All Networker self-respecting must know and apply these 4 laws. If you are able to assume them and put them into practice at all times, you improve the odds of success of your Networking policy, will increase the number of contacts and multiplicaras references and recommendations that they will make it. Four laws for success. That’s all. Salvador original author and source of the article