In this post I want to write about the history and evolution of the MLM industry and at the same time the problems that had to suffer by the public. Since the text is something big I decided to divide it into 3 parts, since this way the reading will not be so heavy. I hope you enjoy it. After 60 years of life, since in 1945 Nutrilite implato the first great MLM, there is still considerable confusion in the minds of the general public, which makes it confuse multilevel pyramid fraud with installed. When we started to estudar marketing networks in a serious and technical manner, it amazes us that there is still such a degree of ignorance in our advanced and educated society. But that neither can nor must asombarnos therefore, contrary to what appears is the most natural thing in the world, because there are compelling reasons to do so. The first cause of the ignorance is in the habit.

MLM is a type of very young direct sale, only 60 years, compared with a history of thousands of years of traditional commerce. And in principle, most always wary of what’s new. The Second, is education. US scheduled to have very clear limits that we can not pass ever, except stroke of luck or great wit and wisdom, or by studies and contacts. And those limits have just materializandose in our lives as a sort of prophecy unequivocal and relentless.

Therefore, all those who say that certain things are possible, in principle it is a scammer. the third is in advertising. We are saturated with it, and reject it in all its forms. And the more we promise, more we distrust. MLM and its fantastic possibilities of gain are no stranger to this phenomenon: the majority of people who tell them that they could win one million euros in five years directly considered you a troublemaker.