Maintenance and installation were transferred to specialists. So you took the workers the overview of the total manufacturing process and decisions about his work could no longer be made by him… Consequently, it was in America, and in Europe, simple or highly specialized workers. Still living the American one, and more and more European, labour market of low-educated and frequently changing workers (time / project contracts). Earlier remained lifelong enterprise and the entrepreneur (patron) combined European workers. Apprentices, journeymen and master possessed a high autonomy in the production process in industry and trade. By the Taylorism was the rule deprived the workers about their organization of the work process from the bottom up and (off -) rationalised. Henry Ford (1863-1947) was the Assembly-line work consistently in car production.

Complementary above the work on the Assembly line was organized through the Fordism. An invention of the Chicago slaughter houses (transformation of a pig into pork.). Ford BBs mass model T was assembled from thousands of normalized and standardized parts and steps. (Chord) Taylorism and Fordism (Assembly line) is now in German schools (such as professional instead of classes teachers), hospitals (2 classes medicine, 1 night nurse for up to 40 patients) and homes for the elderly. Privatization and profit-maximizing are 2 primary capitalism-Maxime. The human Basic needs become the instrument of power.

Capitalism and neo-liberalism against the social market economy. Both used today in waterworks, social housing estates and the transport (public transport close). Today, public lakes in ex-East Germany be privatized by the Federal Government. And in India the water sources of the State. Our cybernetic mechanistic world of work today consists of: 10% generalists (managers) be horizontally educated and highly paid: interdisciplinary and Transkulturell. 40% are vertical to temporarily well-paid global trade specialists (skilled workers)- idiots trained. Thus, after 20 years, they are useless for the high tech economy.