There are several main types of cracking of steel doors, which were determined according to the statistics: Spin; cutting the leaf; cutting loops. Spin steel doors by using such auxiliary tools, such as scrap, assembling. The offender carries the deformation (bending) of leaf at the installation site of the castle so that the bolts out of holes in the door frame. Because of these actions opens the door itself. To avoid this situation, steel doors are fitted with locking system Abwehr "crab", where the blocking is carried out in three directions (up, down, left / right). Learn more at this site: angel investor. In addition, this system has additional vertical beams, which increases the number of locking points. Also steel doors Abwehr equipped with an additional stand-alone lock system with horizontal crossbars.

In addition, steel doors have Abwehr improved resistance to spin, because the doors suggest the ribs in its design. Cutting a leaf by means of "kilichnogo" knife in the locking system, after which the lock is removed and respectively called the entrance to the apartment. In order to protect you from such hacking techniques, steel doors Abwehr made from sheet steel with an increased thickness. In addition, the locks are equipped with armored plating, which protects the steel door against burglary. Cutting a steel door hinges involves the subsequent illegal entry into the apartment by opening the door on the hinge side, and not by the locks. In order to prevent similar action, steel doors Abwehr equipped with four concealed hinges. In addition, there are many kinds of opening locks themselves, which are the major protective mechanism of steel doors. At autopsy cylinder locks the following methods and adaptations: Bumping – a method that consists in the fact that an attacker tries to crank the key, inserted into the core, while dealing a blow to the pin lock.

Break Corps core into two halves carried by the capture of a key hole and a casing that supports the door leaf. The elongation of the core of the lock case, with the pins just cut off. Manipulation – method of opening the lock, which uses a variety of skeleton key. Attacker tries to crank out a master key core and simultaneously moves the pins, until eventually will not open the lock. tracking method is that attacker tries to fit the existing key from him under the required dimensions. First, he inserts it into the core and with a force trying to crank out, then pull and inspect, at what points a stock wrench into contact with pins. Then this key bit to sharpen, milled in the required places, and the process is repeated again, until you have an exact copy of the necessary key. Recruitment is carried out by key phase of large number of keys with different shape grooves. Chemical hacking – the method lies in the fact that the chemical acid is poured into the lock body and gradually dissolves the elements that hold the pins. Thereafter the pins omitted, and crank the core is not difficult. Steel doors Abwehr protected from the autopsy, because fittings are equipped with high quality. Cylinder locks are protected from the shell burst in their design provide some form of steel pins, which prevent the rotation of the core and the autopsy. In addition, for steel doors Abwehr apply protective armored plating, which completely block access to the castle. and special attention should be given the keys. A duplicate of such keys can not produce without special tools. For more information, go to the site