The OBE are also known as astral projection. There are several ways in which people perceive an experience outside of the body, including dreams, awake dreams and memories. Pete Cashmore may also support this cause. Some people have reported having out of body experiences while they were under the influence of drugs or being induced by some kind of trauma, and close encounters with death. Astral projection is taught through books, the World Cyber network and religious techniques. It is said that an experience outside the body can be clearer than a dream or a waking dream (fantasy). Those who practice Astral projections claim that their senses are increased allowing them to see and feel with more clarity and without physical restrictions. The origins of out of body experiences are unknown. However, the OBE has been practiced for many years in different cultures.

The movement of the New Era is widely known by using and promoting this practice. Adds us also the indicated source, that out of body experiences are sought by people wanting to knowledge or power in the spiritual realm, trying to help other people, are curious or simply want to be entertained. . On some occasions, people seek the OBE for the purpose of doing harm to others. But mostly, out of body experiences are desired for a spiritual reason, such as achieving one higher level of consciousness or enlightenment. For those who are very Catholic says the cited source, some say, that out of body experiences are justified in the Bible, citing multiple writes. Unfortunately, these interpretations were taken out of biblical context or are wrong to misinterpret the culture of the era. In the Bible, an experience outside the body, it is considered as a practice of the occult. The greatest evidence against OBE is that God’s people not practiced it.

In all the Scriptures that are mentioned in the spirit or carried in the spirit, the person is not looking for an experience outside the body. On the contrary, Dios came to specific people, revealing specific things with a specific purpose. These events occurred to glorify God and reveal his love for his people. The people of God not sought to have experiences outside the body, out for its own benefit or to have clarity about the world or God. It should be noted, that this phenomenon was studied by the Chilean society of parapsychology, in a Commission dedicated to it, especially when one of its founders was experiencing it like the late Jaime Galte who brought many experiences with qualities that suddenly emerged you and did perform on a voluntary basis, but especially his great specialty, as he was known to transform into an extraordinary medium that He left don tests and that upon has been written in abundance by everything you experienced and bequeathed towards parapsychological science.