There are also specific antennas intended for use outdoors and others for interiors and home or business environments. A model of antenna designed to amplify a wireless signal is directional antenna D-Link ANT24-0801, allowing to use both indoors and outdoors. It can be placed on walls or walls it is advisable to place it in the upper zones of these – to redirect the signal to a certain area. A more affordable option is a simple multidirectional antenna ANT24-0700 from this same manufacturer at a price estimated at fifteen euros. Repeaters another option is to have a Repeater.

This device, which is in essence a router takes care of connected, wirelessly or via cable, to your router home from one part of the House where the connection is stable and amplifies the signal from his position. In this way, greater coverage is achieved by adding both signals. This option is recommended in homes where there are areas outside the range of the router. The American company Hawking Technologies has various models of devices designed to extend the range of a wifi signal. These repeaters are capable of doubling the range of a signal Wireless in homes and businesses, which allows to solve the problems of coverage.

In addition, it is possible to use several at once to cover a greater extension. Its operation is simple. Each device needs to connect to electrical power and be in a zone where can capture the selected router wifi signal to then return the signal with more power. They can also be connected using an Ethernet cable. They are devices that support wireless signals protocols 802.11 b. Cisco-Linksys manufacturer has in its catalogue of scope for wireless networking amplifier wifi WRE54G. This device is compatible with most routers and wireless access points that work with protocol 802.11 signals b/g. Its operation is very simple, it is not necessary to connect it via cable to the router. Simply place it within range of the wireless signal from the same point. However, your single installation CD is available for the operating system Windows. For users of computers with Mac OS X, the solution is for purchasing an AirPort Express. This device developed by Apple is compatible for your configuration with computers with Mac Os X and Windows operating system. In essence, the AirPort Express can connect to an Ethernet cable and create a wireless signal for up to a maximum of ten devices. It is only possible to wirelessly connect the device to expand the range of a signal, if the used router AirPort Extreme or AirPort Express station. The wifi signal where you are working is 802. 11n. Original author and source of the article