That is a question many men would have done, because although at this point in my life I can say I have had success with women, there was a time that was not so fortunately it left behind. The big question comes to my best friend, I remember when we were in high school that he was so popular with the girls, had many friends unlike me, who lived hit the books and notebooks and had no idea how to talk to a woman not surprisingly, I finished high school a virgin and would remain for three more years.

Well enough about me, my best friend who spoke to them at first, just after graduating he met a great woman and fell in love, as all were very happy love story but here it was not forever as in fairy tale, if not for the small amount of 10 years, now his fairy tale ended and he was ready to return to the market, or so he thought because after 10 years simply can not win a woman should see a disaster, believe me a real disaster. Which brings me to me as his best friend make a thorough investigation to find the way to him, could win back a woman. This research was conducted based on three points: on my personal experiences documents taken from books and internet experience of people interviewing the end of this study learned and discovered many things, it was a bit confusing, some texts say that men we showed much with body language, others said that women change made it more, some text had to be ensured that make them feel as if they were the only others said that to see the desperate men.