Began discussing the purchase kitchen, first you should answer the one of the most important questions – what furniture you need in the kitchen? There are several options to be selected furniture: a) furniture for beauty – choose a style of minimalism: a minimum of the functional used directly to furniture, whose principal objective is to create your own style. b) Furniture, which provides the greatest efficiency of the process of cooking – a style "Business women", basically implying that your time on cooking is very limited. c) The maximum capacity and functional furniture – for a large family and the nobility of housewives. Having dealt with the type of kitchen furniture, Think what kitchen equipment you will need? – Built-in or standard? Decide on the colors future kitchen, presenting colors throughout the room. If your kitchen is not very large, and it There is a lack of lighting, in this case is to choose furniture bright colors – cream, pink and lemon shades – these colors will make your kitchen larger and brighter.

When you select a cuisine worth a lot of attention paid to her color, as is often the color determines the mood of the kitchen and the master of his appetite: blue – the mood of appeasement, green – serenity and harmony, yellow – comfort, red – anger and passion. Based on the data Your character, choose "his" style of furniture for the kitchen. At the moment are 4 basic styles of furniture for the kitchen: The classical wooden furniture – expensive, heavy, carved, and of course the very beautiful best suited for Your home, if your kitchen will have high ceilings and large windows. Furniture series "Modern" – the most comfortable furniture in which all the parts were created keeping fit housewife, appreciating quiet and functional interior. Furniture series of "Country" presupposes the existence of wooden facades, wicker furniture – the style "rural", comfort and easy dishes such stack with its low price.

Furniture series "High Tech" – a style of metal, glass and cutting-edge appliances without unnecessary "cute" gizmos. In general, when choosing not only the cuisine but also any other things vitally Always refer to one rule: Your desire – the Law for the furniture company. Ways satisfy your most sophisticated needs of many manufacturers. Dreams, build plans and choose – only in this case, your kitchen will most intimate and harmonious – such what you see it.