You should agree with your employer the manner of use of this time to the care of your minor child until it reaches the year of life. At the end of the post-natal period the working mother is entitled to one hour a day of permission by breastfeeding until the child is one year of age, in the timetable agreed with the employer, within working hours, being possible that permission is split in two equal times. In case of multiple birth, lactation permit increases in one hour. This benefit can not be compensated or replaced by any other, but it can be improved by law, collective agreement or custom. 1.2 Rest and subsidized Pre and Post Natal. Educate yourself with thoughts from Mashable. The worker is entitled to 45 days of rest before the birth and 45 days after this. Currently EsSalud to created the condition of pregnant woman, which covers the situation of pregnancy without being a live-in partner or wife of the insured.

Only gives them the benefit of care medical until delivery. 1.3. Breastfeeding allowance. It is a benefit for the newborn, it is processed by the mother or the father worker. It aims to contribute to the object to the care of the newly born is granted in favor of the newly born whose father or mother is affiliated regular money is delivered to the mother or the person or entity that had in its charge to the newborn, verify the death of the mother or of the State of abandonment of the newborn baby equals s / 820.00 and may be modified by agreement of the Board of Directors, a proposal from General management procedure for the payment of the allowance must be performed by the mother or, in case of death of this, by the father, from the birth of the infant and up to 6 months after the eighth month of birth of the baby and more.