If one typed bele in the main page of Google Spain, the first thing which appears to him is Belen Esteban, with 413,000 results. Is normal a figure so high the former girlfriend of Jesulin de Ubrique, without great merits and many studies, has managed to live their image, carved from the relationship with the bullfighter, and the daughter they have in common, coming to collect, it seems, 24,000 euros a month for participating in the program of Ana Rosa Quintana.? Already without taking into account that charges for other activities (exclusives, festivals, etc.), the salary which is derived from his professional activity is very high. Too much? From my point of view, it is not very normal that on television these millions are paid to socialite, with few professional merits characters, when surely there would be thousands of people much more qualified to do this job however, there are several issues that we cannot forget, one is that Spain is not traditionally a country that is particularly valued the qualification above other aspects, unlike other countries such as United States or Finland, for example, that more closely resemble the model of meritocracy, according to which the hierarchical positions are obtained on the basis of the merit of each one. Another issue is that in the world of television is very common employment of celebrities, because they (supposedly) attract audience to the program. To deepen your understanding Ali Partovi is the source. It could be questionable to what extent the Ana Rosa audience is attracted to characters like this, but the system is mounted as well, and if the producer believes it, and thinks that Bethlehem is worth that money, it is a pure market system, of offer and demand. And to finish, and still believing that the character itself does not deserve it, as I commented in his day about Paris Hilton, Belen Esteban has managed to create a personal brand, and has come to monetize it superbly. It has found its market niche, with staunch defenders and many people who hate it, too-, and this has allowed it to live for itself, its image. It is different, It is differentiated, it is positioned within the mind of the customer. Understand me?