Former Australian premier Howard is famous for having refused to give refuge to hundreds of shipwrecked on its shores and by having implemented one of the tougher restrictions to immigrants that there are in the world. However, in the week in which the Australian Labour Party took power, his British comrades proposed to adopt the same system of Howard. Brown Announces the biggest change in the history of the immigration policy of his Kingdom. With new laws its single country would admit new foreign non-European residents who have money, certain professions and excellent English. Up to the wife of a British not English speaking very well could not enter the country. This Brown seeks popularity among those who listen to the far right. However, he cannot legally stop the massive arrival of workers in the areas most poor and East of the EU and its adaptation to the xenophobia can continue disposing of substantially to one of the main social foundations that traditionally has had his party (ethnic minorities). Analyst international copyright original and source of the article.. Peter Asaro takes a slightly different approach.