The trick of having a good website is to think about the visitors in the first place. Therefore, before you spend money on designers, there are some things you should take into account. Before anything you must be in clear which will be the type of audience you are going to attack and because you will create the Web site. What will be the content of the Web site and you want to obtain or achieve with the Web site, these are the questions that you must answer that first nothing. The next step would be to think of your visitors. That is why the site design should be simple as well as it must also be consistent. There are always problems of compatibility with different browsers.

Therefore, you must always verify that the Web site works with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Also pay attention to the time that it takes to load. No one has the free time to spend on Web sites that take too long, you should be aware of that, nobody will wait for your website to load to see the information. Navigation on the site should be simple. Always remember to add content updated to the Web site.

Page main or home page of your Web site should be used as a sales letter. That’s why you must have a sales message and this message should be rich in keywords. The message must have a short paragraph that must inform visitors about the products and services you offer. Tell them the benefits of using your products and services in a manner explicitly.