Well, for starters let's look at what social bookmarking: Social bookmarking – is a service that stores links to resources of interest to the user. The user wishes to continue to attend liked resources, and this keeps the links to these sites in a special list called – social bookmarks. Social, they are called, because your bookmarks can be shared with other participants, beneficiaries. Can view their bookmarks, and possibly take some on your note. Social bookmarking as a tool for site promotion: The main purpose of social bookmarking – is, of course, the acceleration of site indexation in search engines.

Second task of social bookmarking is to attract visitors to the site. And the third problem: an increase in the number of external links and therefore indicators tci and pr. It is true now with the third objective social bookmarks are no longer cope. So do not expect to increase puzomerok after adding your site to your bookmarks. You can also place a panel of all possible tabs at the bottom of the post itself, so that visitors could add the post himself in special list of favorite sites. It is important to correctly choose a tag or tags to adding announcements of his post. A well-chosen labels 50% of the successful transition to your website.

How do I add my site to social Bookmarks: You can of course manually add yourself or hire someone to do it, but it takes much time and money. It is better to use services to automatically add sites to your bookmarks. There several ways to add links to the site to social bookmarks: Manual. Used by those who publish high-quality materials. Bloggers write defiant, vibrant, well-aimed titles and at least attractive announcements that cause the curiosity of the potential visitor. Automatically. This is used for mass add your own links to dozens of services for a second or more. Hiring a freelancer.