We go down of the car, we fire the driver, the Irene and the Vlad; then we go up in one mini autocarro, and this took us until the south Kwanza, during the trip, had much colloquy between passengers, others slept, some tired ones of the trip, very falantes others, arrive the Bar of the Kwanza, made a stopping, because he has who wanted to urinar, to eat, to smoke, to drink and to relax a little without the movement of autocross; after one 15 minutes, the Choffeur (driver) said us to enter in autocarro, and breaks, saw the Institute of the oils, the shunting line that of the one for Profit (city of the South Kwanza), and finally we arrive at the South Kwanza; the dangerous adventure started, almost to march for Benguela, the Choffeur (Driver) informs that possible the problem of change of autocarro will not have, marched with 4 change and was only very dangerous, because the city of the Sumbe, has the form of a hole or has been valid and to arrive at the Lobito (Benguela), is necessary to walk a mountain with form of an inclined plan, and this autocarro was not in conditions to make or to exceed this obstacle; reason for which, the driver invited all to catch another car.

Then, when he was 15h00 and any thing, still in the city of the Sumbe, driver of autocarro colloquy with 3 other drivers of Hyace, distributed the money with it, because the Luanda trip to the Benguela in the height cost 3500Kz, then, since we do not reach the goal, it charged 2000Kz for each passenger, and 1500Kz gave to the drivers of Hyace (paying the same value for each passenger); after everything being clarified, we go up in the Hyaces and we leave for Lobito, the destination was to arrive in the park of Benguela (park where it can be apanhar Cars that go to the Hula; also the ones that go down to the Luanda), but rank in the Lobito, before Da Ponte that separates the city of Lobito to the city of Benguela, the young men of autocarro had moved of idea, were more or less 19h00 and few minutes, saying that they do not go to be able to arrive at the Benguela, and that the agreement with the young man of autocarro, was to take us until this bridge; my God!

Already the city of Lobito was very dark, did not know nobody and was the first time, to leave our Luanda and to break in this adventure to the city of Moamedes (old name that if used to assign the city of Namibe), all aflitos, desperate without knowing what to make, I looked at for the John, it also desperate, not wise person what to answer me; then, all are of the Hyace, waited that God could make our order, at least ordering of skies a Hyace that could taking in them until Benguela, did not delay, after 15minutos appear one autocarro provincial Inter or seemed thing, took us until the park of Benguela, inside of autocarro the surrounding one was that one, some silenced, others suckling its children, others with sleep, some resented with the occurrence, and also, it had two tipsy agents of completely polices of Benguela (these agents of polices, were the civilian), but barulhentos, pass bothered everybody with its parvoces (the term), then it happens that during the trip, some passengers arrived its stoppings and had paid the cost of the trip, if my memory serves me right, the trip cost 500Kz less or, but it happens that these agents of police after the collector having informed to prepare the money of the made trip, the agents had started to demand against the collector, they complicated, they had started to change words to it, all intent in the palhaadas ones of the agents, the driver finally decides to return until where we leave, saying that already it does not go to arrive at the park, case the men not to completely give the money of the cost of the trip. .. Peter Asaro understood the implications.