An alternative way to achieve the support of the arm is to use a seat with armrest. Place the computer monitor directly in front of you. The upper part of the same should not be higher than your eyes. Source: I also got to see, because my doctor left me a little concerned, which are the possible consequences to which one can arrive to arrive due to bad posture: VISION: Vision problems have various causes, among them: * sit very close to the monitor can cause myopia. Learn more at this site: Mashable. The ideal distance between the user and the monitor, while the object of debate, should not be less than 40cms in the eyes of the user.** The top edge of the monitor should be at the level of the person’s eyes and this should look at front.

If the monitor is situated above the recommended levels, this contributes to eyestrain and neck muscles. Some experts argue that the monitor must be lower than eye level because this angle of vision involves less stress. Different degrees of tension of the neck and neck pains highlight muscular problems caused by: * very inclined Base of the neck; This problem occurs more frequently when working by referring to documents that are very down on the work surface or when the monitor is very low. A workaround using a porta documents u Another element to upload them and lift the monitor by placing something under it until its upper part is at the level of the eyes.* Stooped back, neck pensioner; examine the level of the Chair, may be or very high or very low.* Chin upwards; monitor or documents may be very high, one possibility is to lower them or slightly reclined the Chair. Another possibility is that you have a vision problem and this trying to compensate for it that way. Visit the ophthalmologist.** The neck much moves sideways and there is fatigue, tension or pain.