With chrome logo designers precisely focused on the loader drive, hidden under a tinted cover. All modes of operation of the device are displayed on the fluorescent display that has a nice blue glow. His light, even in the dark does not distract from watching movies. In the video channels of the player to signal processing using high-precision digital processor Uniphier. It brings together two technologies: image processing and P4HD color processing phl Reference Chroma. Abbreviation phl means Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory. It is this processor is responsible for ensuring that the picture on screen, Hollywood quality standards.

With his help by converting the color information from 4:2:0 format to 4:2:2, which is very beneficial to the color resolution and detail of the picture. Visually, this translates into improving the texture of the image, even when working in standard definition signals from standard dvd media. P4HD technology provides accurate reproduction of video pixels. Used in the processor 16-level motion detection algorithms with adaptive technology, Pixel-Based Motion Adaptive can achieve on the screen perfect visuals, even in complex dynamic scenes. High quality progressive scan processor effectively eliminates the annoying "comb and saw" on diagonal lines. For analog Video Player uses a high-speed video dac with a sampling frequency of 148.5 MHz. and 12-bit. Combat noise and interference of various origins, developers put into two technology of digital noise reduction 3D-NR, and Integrated nr. So now even using the discs with low quality of the transfer can be obtained on the display screen is very decent image.