The military High Commands of the USA, have begun to work in a strategy military for the Cyberspace. October a new area of the American Air Force would enter operation, to the control of a commander of the cyberspace, with around the 500 ciberguerreros; part as which they are graduated as the first generation of his own center of qualification. The previous thing is not product of the feverish mind of the gringos; the 2007 will be remembered like the beginning of ciberguerras; ciberataques originating of Russia paralyzed the bank, the police and the governmental offices of Estonia. Officials of the Pentagon, at the time, accused the Chinese military to crakear the office of the Secretary of Defense of the USA, Robert Gates and the British M15, noticed the main multinationals, that China was investigating his ciberdefensas. Finally we will mention that, during the past presidential campaign in the EUA, the secret service I inform to the equipment of Obama and McCain, that pirates had entered their networks looking for tracks on future strategies policies. The world to changed and to deed a new reality. Nevertheless one has not known if Brazilian, Mexican, Argentine, Chilean or the Venezuelan, to mention some of the countries with but computer science resources of our part of America, are doing something on the matter; what is doubtless is that if we did not unite efforts, little we will be able to make to protect our strategic centers of information and control, even against individual interested incursions of corporative or still of crakers. It seems that, as usual, we sought to have the best armament of past wars; we spend thousand of million dollars, Euros or roubles, in arms that at the moment are useless if we do not have computer science centers they endorse that them and we are able to armor our information, as much civil as military man, against ciberataques that potentially, not only would neutralize our computer science centers but they could give rise its use in ours against.