Ltd. 'The company InformSistem' developed and released Innovative Self-adjusting MES-System MES-T2 2010 v.6.313.21 to implement BEZZATRATNOY TECHNOLOGY fuel economy and to increase the efficiency of thermal power plants in intelligent automation model ECT in real time. Robert Bakish is open to suggestions. What is the energy efficiency of thermal power plants and as determined by the criterion of efficiency, so that you can, as a comparison power of this criterion to each other, branch institutes and Russia should know. There is a common phrase that energy efficiency – it saves energy. For thermal power plants – the fuel.

But let some look into the matter. Assume that the energy efficiency of power plants is an objective and a subjective. Objective – depends on the technological features of power and it can not be improved without design changes. Subjective – it depends on the person and, therefore, it can be changed through proper organization of production. Subjective energy efficiency is always greater than or equal to the objective by definition.

We adopt the criterion of efficiency the ratio of objective to subjective, which is equal to or less than 1. Thus, the power to the criterion of efficiency equal to unity or 100% are completely energy efficient. As an objective assessment of energy efficiency will take standard fuel consumption, as well as the subjective – the actual consumption. But the difference between the actual fuel consumption and regulatory corresponds to the excessive fuel consumption. Thus, the plant will be energy efficient, if fuel consumption is zero. But in all the monthly reports of thermal power plants appears exactly zero fuel consumption, well, or very close to it. This means that all 300 stations in Russia are completely energy efficient, even without the current control of this fuel consumption. That is, no effort to save fuel and working in a part of his overspending totally blind, all power plants are making tremendous results.