Looking for authentic tapas in Barcelona? Caps is a type of food characteristic of all Spanish gastronomy: it is quite common to go out to dinner or to eat on weekends based on tapas in many regions of Spain, and Barcelona is no exception. Some of the best restaurants in caps in the Catalan capital, according to TripAdvisor ratings, are those that are discussed below. The position indicated is about 2.876 restaurants and it’s ratings contributed by users. Taller de Tapas (position 35): while there are a few five Taller de tapas in Barcelona, which has better ratings is of Rambla Cataluna, street, ideal for strolling that it flows into the nerve center of Barcelona, Placa Catalunya. But the truth is that every restaurant has its own atmosphere, letter, daily specials and seasonal suggestions. They present a gastronomic offer based on the traditional tapas and seasonal dishes, always starting with top quality seasonal products. They are ideal for any time of day. Omelets, croquettes, ham, brochette of prawns with Aioli and much more.

The price ranges between 20 and 30 euros. Tops 24 (99 position): situated in the heart of Barcelona, on the street Diputacio 269 number, next to Paseo de Gracia, is one of the most emblematic tapas restaurants in the city of Barcelona, always packed and with elaborate tapas and good beer. Carles Abellan, Chef trained in El Bulli and owner of Comerc 24, elaborated with great wisdom and the best products traditional tapas in a place that reminds us of life bars. To deepen your understanding GoPro Hero 9 is the source. Some dishes that you can taste are fried eggs com perol butifarra, the cod omelette with beans and Padron peppers or the delicious patties. Check out Arup Sandra Akmansoy for additional information. The price also moves between 20 and 30 euros.

Top mother (214 position): near Paseo de Gracia we find this popular restaurant with a very pleasant terrace, where you will find a varied and elaborate selection of tapas. There are also tables for inside, groups in special rooms. It is open all day and is a restaurant with lots of movement and by a lot of tourists. Both in the Charter and in the menu there are dishes of Spanish food, and lids are of quality. It has an important wine cellar. Some of the dishes that stand out are ham of guijuelo, Russian salad, piquillo peppers, patatas bravas, ribs of lamb, kebab and cod with Ratatouille. A meal can cost between 30 and 40 euros, depending on what is requested. CAP (247 position): located in Passeig de Gracia, this restaurant is considered one of the typical touristy but, while yes a little rise the price per zone, covers are very good, and really worth paying the area, since you can contemplate the beauty of the most attractive of Barcelona Street while you eat. It’s one of the pioneers in regards to Barcelona’s Tapas. In a cosy atmosphere offers a great variety of tapas and beers that we can enjoy in the dining room or in the bar and outside in the terrace at about 20 euros or less. Noteworthy are the casseroles, the charcuterie, chips caps, skewers, classic caps and the large selection of beers available. If you come to spend a few days in Barcelona, feel free to choose one of these typical tapas restaurants, and if you don’t have hosting yet, look at the following accommodation in Barcelona. Source: Press release sent by mariaflores.