YQ-it GmbH works with 10 other software providers in the next generation of cloud application Darmstadt, the yQ-it GmbH takes 10 April 2013 as another software provider most cloud computing for logistics part and networking in this way with other companies which are engaged in the development of cloud applications. The crux of the development group is the Exchange with other members experiences and ideas. It supports companies in the planning and implementation of logistical cloud projects. Years of experience and the latest research results of the Fraunhofer Institute in Dortmund create the basis for this. Managing Director Dieter Dasberg hopes to participate in the usergroup the opportunity to help shape the cloud standards of tomorrow according to their own ideas.

Here, sure the Exchange with other developers of the group will open us new and interesting perspectives. The Fraunhofer Institute provides the group under the keyword’ technology transfer semi-annual meeting access to research results. Technologies, moderated discussion forums and the certification of logistics software. Participating businesses can distinguish themselves through participation in Germany’s largest cloud computing research project in the logistics as innovative and future-oriented. YQ-it GmbH, we have gained a very innovative company for the usergroup, which already offers its own cloud enabled Web solution with the system SilvERP, forward Oliver Wolf, Cluster Manager of the Fraunhofer Innovation Cluster cloud computing for logistics. 10 Companies from the IT industry are in the group. These include”ita vero, LinogistiX and T-systems, in particular the modern architecture of the ERP solution was decisive for the inclusion of yQ-it GmbH in the network for the Fraunhofer Institute. The members of the network have the competitive advantage by participating in that very early new and advanced technologies to integrate into their applications.

A result of the Fraunhofer Innovationclusters Cloud computing for logistics is it, logistics company graphically depict processes of business and program steps, which are necessary to decision and branch offices, as apps from the logitics mall, to be able to integrate an online platform in the sense of a virtual marketplace. These”apps”are provided by the development team of of members of the and offer the users a whole new degree of freedom in choosing their software solution. The term”process as a service is so the next generation of modular cloud applications. Modern billing systems such as “pay-per-use provide the user with only the actually claimed benefits in Bill. So, even small and medium-sized companies gain access to previously unaffordable premium products.