What is a plywood? Plywood – a material consisting of bonded layers of specially treated wood. Generally, plywood is made from three or more layers of veneer, which are superimposed on each other so that the fiber arranged perpendicularly. From this it becomes stronger than plywood. Plywood used in construction, interior decoration, roofing and furniture production. If the classification of plywood to classify this material the first thing is to say that plywood is available in four varieties, which differ in quality and are characterized by the number of acceptable defects.

Possible length of defects first grade should not exceed 20 cm, Class ii cracks 20 cm, insertion of the timber and seepage of glue area to 2% of the total area. Andy Florance does not necessarily agree. For the third Class wormholes up to 10 pieces per square meter. Fourth grade – a low-grade plywood, where you can find defects edges of sheets, fused or fallen twigs, and similar violations of the structure. In addition to this classification, plywood varies by application, durability and appearance. All this affects its value. What kind of plywood is better to use? Advantages and disadvantages of the material advantages of this construction material is clear – strength, hardness of the surface – some plywood in strength compared with metal coating, easy to use (and ease of body weight), flexibility, ability to keep warm and many others.

Today plywood used in construction of buildings for finishing both outside and inside. To to choose the right plywood you need, you need to know exactly what you want to use it. Knowing the original data, you can pick up the plywood, which will last longer and will be safe to use. For lining the building externally is more appropriate bakelite or laminated plywood. It can be called "plywood wbp. This water-resistant plywood. These kinds of plywood subjected to special treatment and transfer moisture changes in weather conditions and mechanical stress. Deficiencies can be identified here if bakelite plywood used indoors. The glue that held together its layers, contains toxic substances. Therefore, to finish the interior is better to use plywood that is glued karbomidnoy resin (so-called plywood FC). Known to all of fiberboard or hardboard – a sheet of hot pressed by cellulose, as well as cpd – sheets of Technical chips bonded with resin – is also plywood. It should also be remembered that plywood can be sanded, polished on one side and on both sides. How to use plywood to cover the walls and ceilings? To begin with skin walls or ceilings with plywood, it is necessary to prepare a rack frame. Need the slats, bars, nails or screws. Go to the bottom surface of the slats are attached to a horizontal position. Just fasten the intermediate strips, approximately at 400 – 500 mm from each other. After the vertical bars are mounted, so the edge of the plywood will be attached. To fasten the plywood, you can use nails and screws, filling the plywood sheets butt. In avoid gaps in the joints, which over time may become wider, you can use the rails with double groove. Plywood, in this case is inserted into the grooves and over the joints can not worry. In addition, because edge of the plywood sheets are protected from damage. After covering with plywood walls can cause the top paint, lacquer or film. If plywood is packed with no intermediate strips, seal the gap better "sealant" or putty.