In a worthy flick of a master of the impressionista painting the author remembers that at a moment of fragile balance, ‘ ‘ when world shone with its better light, smokes of the industrial revolution started to change the color of cu’ ‘. In recent months, Mashable has been very successful. Personally, I would consider here the quarrel of the appropriation of the knowledge for the bourgeoisie as a remedy to fight the cio, versus the appropriation of the knowledge on the part of the laborers and peasants. But the author remembers well that until the moment of ‘ ‘ smokes of the revolution industrial’ ‘ (…) ‘ ‘ a small group of men could have the hope to dominate the totality of saberes’ ‘ to exert its domain on excessively, through the hegemonic characteristics that can gain that one that to know it withholds them. Impressed me the rhetorical vein of Lvy (the Sorbonne-8, who would say? ) when it speaks of ‘ ‘ meditica vulgata and the pretense frieza of cyberespao, when it wants to become to understand how much to the popularizao of the half electronic of popularizao of the knowledge, the cultural banalizao and what it would be perhaps a new way of interaction of the people, who possibly they would have the trend of if isolating more. Lvy remembers well that never it complained how much to the fact of some people to pass some hours front to a paper page, fact by the way, praised for that they consider important the spreading of the knowledge through this media. It remembers despite the fact of the text to be in a not dumb screen the deep one of the question of the social isolation. The text pontua with bonanza brilhantismo the change of focus of the collective memory, the usual repositories in varied cultures, for one cyberespao where they would construct collective intelligent. A multitude of scientists of all the countries would form a species of microcosm with great projection in the international community. Of this time, I want to believe some Nos will be able to be saved inside, sailing in this profuse dilvio of information, placing of its coffers what of better it possesss the humanity so that it can be preserved, be shared collectively and be constructed. It would be the peace cybernetics?