Today the happiness if translates of moments that the technology stimulates, but not in its totality, or until we can call false happiness. The experiences of the past and the daily one if reflect being born the evolution and transformation of the society for the contemporaneidade constantly. The experience of the man contemporary is established with the modern technology. Here, Peter Asaro expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Therefore, with the changes in the urban structure, the architecture, the ways of communication and in the transport corresponds to the new structure of life. The technology process is remodelling and reorganizing standards of social interdependence and all the aspects of our personal life. To the measure that appears the new technologies, the people that now we can call technology users, are each time more vain of the importance of the equipment of last generation and less of its proper expression. As news article of layer of the Magazine Sees Ed.

2120 of 08/07/2009 of authorship of Diogo Schelp that portraies on the relations on-line confirms that sociologists, psychologists and anthropologists had concluded that the communication cybernetics does not obtain to supply deeper the affective necessities of the individuals. The Internet became a vast point of meeting of superficial contacts. It is the opposite of what, as it wrote Aristotle, in fact it approaches the friends: They need time and privacy; as she says the dictated one, they cannot know itself without they have eaten together the necessary amount of salt (Ethical Nicmaco, Book VIII, III, 1156b1, 5-15, 25) In elapsing of this study we detect some factors that can generate the isolation of the individuals, as lack of psychological preparation, deficit organizacional structure, concentrative and exculpatory economic model, situation of poverty, technological perfectioning; all these factors have a basic importance in the analysis of the situation of the isolation with that we confrot in them nowadays, in forcing to forget the essence of the friendship and the importance of if having friends.