A Wallpaper is great for your operating system, and is always visible on your desktop. This is used to customize the look of your workspace your own individual needs. With most operating systems already some wallpapers are integrated in the software, you can use this course, but honestly, in this integrated Wallpapers is not for all tastes, so you can directly download many wallpapers from the Internet and then use as wallpaper. The best thing about the wallpapers on the Internet is that there are many different categories from which you can pick yourself your wallpapers. Such categories could be eg music, film, or even animals.

There are websites and forums that have specialized in offering these free Wallpapers. But if these wallpapers on the Internet is no suitable for you be there, you can create an even course. For this you need an image editing program. In the help files you will then find usually a help, as to create a background image. How do you integrate such a wallpaper as a background image in its operating system? This is very simple, you can click on the desired image, right click, then select Set as wallpaper “. Another option is a right will reach to your work area and then select the headings “Properties” and “Desktop” so you to a menu where you can then select by “browse” a background image from your hard drive. Here you can also make settings, eg “Align”, you have the option of your wallpaper “side by side to make” show, this gives you the possibility to use small images.