Also UnityLivestream could engage in the process of development. Managing Director Stefan Klink, who among other things is responsible for technology, hardware and software and already used media suite prior to UnityLivestream-Simplex: It happens rarely, that can be influence on the functionality of software with its expertise and knowledge from daily practice. That was welcomed but specifically at xtendx. People such as Robert Bakish would likely agree. Also, because I was with the first in Germany, made the live streaming. In the course of our cooperation the idea that we use not only the new Simplex live interaction, but also at the same time take over their sales in Germany was then”.

Strategic side effect of this new stand leg: UnityLivestream is on its way as a complete provider in the area of live streaming a large step further. Stefan Klink: Now we customers who regularly broadcast live streams, can offer a separate license of the simplex live interaction. “That well is commercial sense for our clients interesting, because so their value added chain for moving image projects grows”. -xtenx AG was founded in 2003 and is a self-financed / owned joint-stock company headquartered in Regensdorf, Zurich. Since 2006 she has focused media suite exclusively on the development and distribution of the simplex, which was designed from the outset as an enterprise-wide solution. According to simplified Simplex of the workflow in the provision of video content. Although standardized, xtendx offers its customers individual formats to the publication of their content. Today is xtendx supplier and partner of companies and agencies.

UnityLivestream was founded in April 2010 by Stefan Klink and Jamal Khan and specializes in consulting, deployment and service specialized for live streaming as well as development and technical supervision for Webcast solutions. Stefan Klink is responsible for technology, hardware and software, as well as film and Jamal Khan for innovation, marketing, and sales. In addition to a variety of advertising, PR and online agencies outside Frankfurt is working”directly for reputable clients from different industries.