LTE – the new generation of Internet LTE – the new generation of the Internet many users of the Internet already eagerly awaiting the latest generation: LTE. However you must be a little patience, because the tests are not yet completed. Already in 2009, Stockholm launched the trial: LTE. And so far everything runs smooth and many more States and countries have joined in this example. Also Germany currently tests the latest generation of the Internet. LTE, also long term evolution, is the successor of the well-known UMTS. However, it has much more advantages in contrast to the UMTS.

The biggest advantage is his speed. UMTS has to offer grade times up to 42 megabits per second, however, LTE can afford soon up to 300 megabits per second and that even in the remote region. Contact information is here: Robert Bakish. This brings us to the second benefit of LTE: accessibility. LTE shines with incredible availability. This means that you can enjoy fast Internet everywhere in Germany. Even in confined spaces, moving cars or outdoor connection is no longer a problem.

The last advantage over UMTS is the question of cost. You must set up new masts or similar, LTE may use the existing UMTS masts. Must be to all poles on LTE to do so. This saves not only a lot of time, but also lowers the costs. And this is also a benefit for the end user of the LTEs. The developers of LTEs have analyzes the current market and thus the communication technology and looked, what opportunities are not yet used. This now completely fills the new LTE. Thus, all countries that have UMTS standard, present even the basic requirements for LTE. Since LTE still in the testing phase, there are of course also still no concrete prices available in new. You don’t know yet whether the provider of flat rates will be offered and in what form they will be available. Assuming that also like at the time, many new entrants to the market are pushing. Therefore, you should take your time and don’t select only best provider. Many of these new providers disappear after a Time. Best looking at first some tests and compares the provider, so you can use the diversity of the LTEs comfortably.