The communication technique of feedback as an opportunity to rethink their own behavior to achieve this, a communications technology, is the feedback. This method becomes a more important not only in the workplace, but also in the personal area. (A valuable related resource: Peter Asaro ). By this method, people can fundamentally change its behavior and to grow in their personal development. In addition, an open communication creates trust and willingness to cooperate and thus stable relationships that are desirable in the private as well as in the professional. The method of communication for the development of the team training is particularly suitable, because the feedback provides concrete and constructive to tell others how his behavior does. The three objectives of the feedback 1 the others draw attention to how the behavior is experienced; 2. the enlighten others needs and feelings so that no misunderstandings arise and can be taken into consideration 3. the others clarify what behaviour changes the cooperation would facilitate From this point of view, acts the feedback such as a mirror or echo.

So that the words resonate even the desired, are some rules to follow. Specifically his saying you to very specific behaviors so that the other can correctly classify your message. Make concrete statements to convey the importance of the discussed the opposite. Sensory perception sees each individual, hears and feels situations vary. It involves the placement of personal impression. So, use the I-form to express themselves.

Integration of formulating you your criticism as an occupied sandwich: the positive and negative aspects of the behavior name, as also suggestions bring. The necessary empathy leads to openness in others with expressed criticism to go around. Solution proposals in turn may bring the criticism in a new perspective. Timing not push the discussion on. Give your feedback as soon as possible after the appropriate situation. As a result, you miss the internal Gedankenkonstrukten, which are based on negative emotions and make the situation more problematic.