The next day the news was worse: it seems that it is doing something, but it is not advancing, is very weak, perhaps because it cannot continue, will keep you informed. The tension was huge, but everyone expected the unhappy denouement, which arrived two days later: it has locked himself in a cocoon, it doesn’t case do not see signs of life, and barely reached half of the mountain did not. All bugs waiting for him, nobody had never done it before, and no one would try it again after the failure of that deranged Caterpillar. But a few weeks later, while one of the fireflies walked near where he watched the feat to keep informed of the village, without being so close, just enough to see the mountain, the chrysalis panoramically is shook violently. Firefly noticed it, and flew fast to give notice and assemble information line. The cocoon was breaking, it was possible that the Caterpillar were still alive after so many days? The first news came: something is coming out, it can not be delay a little. Almost immediately: is almost entirely outside of the cocoon, it has wings, it became a butterfly.

The latest news came: now is It is rising, you will arrive at the top, no doubt will reach the top. And the Caterpillar (which was more like a butterfly), arrived. We will always face all kinds of adversity, but our decision is to keep watching our star, that star that will guide us to the place we want to reach. And today, as you read these final lines, I ask you, are ready to pay the price of seeing your star despite everything? Writer of the blog living excellence since 2007. This blog discusses the theme of the development of excellence as a lifestyle that should fill all area of life, simply because excellence will make us stay in future generations. Blogs related How Do You Translate The English Word morning Into English Entrecomics ‘ own production DEBATE!! About the stars and that pose on the set of the Arsenal-Barca, a few quarters of vertigo stars and comets. Christian blogs 77509 Avenue early in the morning, La Quinta, CA 92253 MLS # 21392071 Blanca Uriarte: the poet has its own evolution Poesia eres Bleeding Violet by day Reeves YA Novel Review Manga Maniac Cafe breasts, goals and more breasts (?) Eye with the lion