There are many ways of living, I think I choose the best: sharing! It is not a story but a reality that I lived this day, like expectant without looking for it, within a supermarket store in my city of work. I was writing a note to publish it in my newspaper when something caught my attention: A lady who had bought food was preparing to exit the establishment accompanied by a carryboy or Assistant who wore the shopping cart, when of a sudden an indigent Lady, provincial appearance approached him to ask that buy you some candy sold, when upper-class Lady took pity and asked the young assistant that lead him to the courtyard of meals and gave her a ticket so I bought a food consisting of a cafe and a chicken sandwich. So did the young man and led the Lady at the described location. She received the food and the young man returned to where benefactor Lady to accompany it to its destination. I saw in that humble and poor lady came out rauda place toward the door. I thought that gesture had not liked him, and reacted against a possible attitude of offense when what you did was call her husband that beyond the corner also offered sweets to passersby. He approached and together the two approached the table and shared the little food. When we leave you be supportive to be selfish? It is time to return to our human nature.

We are all brothers in this single House called Earth. Give us the manoy look at the inside of our hearts that the raison d ‘ etre is to love. We do the definitive change to have filled the heart of happiness. Sharing what we have is to reevaluate our human quality, get the essence of true men and women through reason. Merry Christmas!